How to Get DA 94 Google Backlinks

increase your da for free hack

So what I am going to show you today is a black hat technique used to gain 100’s of backlinks from Google domains completely free of charge. Also, this will only take you about 5 minutes and will not require any software. Let’s get started.

  • Copy the URL’s below to your clipboard and paste them here:
  • In the “Find this:” field, enter, and in the “Replace with:” field enter the URL you would like a backlink for. Remember, you must include the https:// Then click the “Find and Replace Text” button.
  • Go to and paste your results from the previous step and click the “rapid index” button. Keep this page open until the indexing has finished.

That’s it! How simple was that to get 299 Google domain backlinks. These will all eventually get indexed and increase your websites DA/PR Rank.

This hack will only allow you to build 1 unique URL to each domain, however, you can submit as many different URL’s as you like.

Just a quick video to show you the moves.