Scrapebox 2.0 cracked – Latest Version Working

Finally, get Scrapebox version 2 cracked and working!

The swiss army knife of SEO has been around for over 11 years and continues to dominate the SEO software arena. And you can get the latest copy of Scrapebox V2 here for free…

This version is exactly like all of the other cracked versions of Scrapebox, by which it comes with a free plugin! Wacatac awesome right?

No, Wacatac is actually a Trojan:Win32/Wacatac This is a highly damaging Trojan threat that can execute various nefarious actions on the target system. Although, this is a generic detection for the Wacatac category Trojan threat. However, it has various other names and mostly targets Windows users.

Most of the time, it infiltrates via phishing emails, file-sharing over infected networks, and software patches. Once infiltrated, it can perform various illegal activities that are tough to be caught by the user. The threat is detected by various other names. For instance:

trojan win32 wacatac,
Trojan win32 Wacatac B ML

So as you can see, so far a cracked version of Scrapebox can cause a lot more damage than what the software itself costs. But, I know what you are thinking “I have good anti-virus software”, maybe you do. But let’s say you have downloaded a cracked Scrapebox and it is infected with a virus, you will not be able to use it anyway, because you either have just the virus exe with a bunch of zero’s and one’s to make it look like a legit file, or you have a cracked Scrapebox with the virus embedded. Either way, you will not be able to use what you have downloaded.

My Copy of Scrapebox is Clean

If you have actually come across a cracked version, that is free from any virus and works, congratulations. You have a working version of Scrapbox that costs you nothing! Ok, so there is going to be a big for you right out of the gate. The developers of Scrapebox update the software very regularly, usually every 2 weeks or so. This is to keep up with changes to the search engines for the harvester to work and updates to the extended list of tools within Scrapebox. So you will be able to start the program, however, the results you get will not be accurate if you can get any results at all.

How to get Scrapebox to work properly

This is very simple, buy a legitimate copy through the website. It is only $97 for a lifetime license. I had purchased my copy of Scrapebox over 10 years ago, since then, there have been over 4oo updates. Not even Microsoft has done that! And yes, that’s all from the one time purchase of Scrapebox.

So, in conclusion, don’t waste your time with a cracked version of Scrapebox, just buy a genuine copy and help support another 400 updates.

Happy Scraping

PS, this is not a paid endorsement of Scrapebox, this is an honest review from my personal experiences.

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