Ezine Articles – Scrapebox Harvester Engine Configuration

Ezine Articles is the number 1 website for articles. A great source of content for building up your backlink profile.

I have made a configuration file for Scrapebox so that you can easily scrap URLs of the articles in your niche you wish to scrape.

Simply download the DAT file and import into Scrapebox. Just follow these instructions if you don’t know how.

How To Import New Harvester Engines Into Scrapebox

Just keep in mind that this website will cut you off very quickly, so make sure that you have plenty of good proxies.

Once you have harvested the URLs to the articles you need, you will need to scrape them with the Scrapebox Premium Article scraper. The config files and instructions can be found here.

Ezine Articles Advanced Scraper Configuration For Scrapebox