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How to Scrape The Yellow Pages

Before we had the internet, one of the best ways to find new leads for your business, was with the Yellow Pages. A world-renowned business directory. Although the internet has made it easier at times to find new leads, they are not always accurate.

The Yellow Pages listings are still one of the most reliable sources to generate new leads. The problem is that it hasn’t been all that easy to scrape the listings on the Yellow Pages and generate your own list of leads.

The makers of Scrapebox have developed a very easy to use plugin aptly named ‘Yellow Page Scraper Plugin’. Don’t get me wrong, there are other premium Yellow Pages scrapers out there, but none of them are as fast at harvesting the data. Furthermore, the Scrapebox plugin integrates really well with Scrapebox itself. For example, you can use Scrapebox to generate keywords for the niche you require leads for. Then you can easily import them into the Yellow Pages Scraper. Not bad for $37


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