How To Scrape WP Locker With Scrapebox

How to Scrape WP-Locker

With this tutorial, I will show you how you can harvest all of the data you need to make your own copy/clone of and publish it to WordPress.

Here is an example of what you will be able to achieve.

As you can see, we can scrape the Title, Meta Description, Demo URL with lolinez link anonymizer still in place, and the download URLs. With the download URLs, you can keep them as non-clickable text or convert them to clickable hyperlinks with a free plugin called “Auto-hyperlink URLs“.

To start with you will first need to download a config file I have made and copy it to the Scrapebox configuration folder. I have made 2 separate configs, 1 each for WordPress Plugins and the other for Themes. This will make it a lot easier when posting.

Now you will need to scrape for the latest downloads. On average, wp locker will publish about 6-8 pages each of the plugins and themes per week. And what I would recommend, is just to scrape the latest 6-8 pages each week for fresh content.

For this to work, you will need to have the free link extractor addon for Scrapebox. Now just copy and paste the following URLs into Scrapebox and open the link extractor.

WordPress Plugins

WordPress Themes


Before you run the link extractor, it is recommended that you add some filters to prevent pages without downloads. Use the following settings for best results.

Number of connections:1
Seconds of delay:15

Remove URLS not containing;
for plugins: /wordpress-plugins/
for themes: /template/


Once you are done harvesting URLs, we can then move onto grabbing the data we need. All we need to do is just import the list of harvested URLs into Scrapebox and go to the “Grab/Check” dropdown menu, follow the list down to “Custom Data Grabber” and click on wp locker.

Save the data as text and you now have the raw data required to make your own clone of wp locker.

So, if you are lazy like me and you just want to publish the new pages to your WordPress site without having to do too much, just us the “batch poster” in the Article Scraper Premium plugin from Scrapebox.

And that’s it. Once a week repeat the process and you too can have a very professional and up-to-date website pedaling nulled WordPress Themes and Plugins.