Scraped! A Method To Get High Profile Backlinks

Here is a tutorial I scraped from a forum that I have used myself on my money sites. Enjoy 🙂 Before starting to use this list of backlinks, I would suggest you one thing. Don't create all these links in a single day. Every one of these sites is working, I have used these sites… ... Read more

The Easiest Way To Scrape YouTube Channels

YouTube is forever trying to make it difficult for us to scrape data from their site. They have recently made some changes that made it so that Scrapebox was unable to directly scrape YouTube channels. Fortunately, there is an easy workaround for this. Simply use the standard Scrapebox harvester and use the following search string: ... Read more user list

Here is my latest scrape, harvesting active users from I do update this from time to time, but feel free to try it yourself. So, ff you want to know how it's done, check out my post here: How to Scrape User Information users Username Status Date Joined Last Time Active Messages ... Read more

How to Scrape User Information

Just as the title suggests, today I will show you how to scrape some basic user data from You may be wondering why? Well, because I can, but also, some people may be able to benefit from the scraped info. For example, with the user data, we will scrape today, you can easily see ... Read more

Yellow Pages Scraper > Easily Scrape Data From The Yellow Pages

Before we had the internet, one of the best ways to find new leads for your business, was with the Yellow Pages. A world-renowned business directory. Although the internet has made it easier at times to find new leads, they are not always accurate. The Yellow Pages listings are still one of the most reliable ... Read more

How to Get DA 94 Google Backlinks

So what I am going to show you today is a black hat technique used to gain 100's of backlinks from Google domains completely free of charge. Also, this will only take you about 5 minutes and will not require any software. Let's get started. Copy the URL's below to your clipboard and paste them ... Read more

Scrapebox 2.0 cracked – Latest Version Working

Finally, get Scrapebox version 2 cracked and working! The swiss army knife of SEO has been around for over 11 years and continues to dominate the SEO software arena. And you can get the latest copy of Scrapebox V2 here for free... This version is exactly like all of the other cracked versions of Scrapebox, ... Read more

Free Instagram Image and Video Scraper

Instagram is a great source of free images and clips for your SEO projects. This Instagram scraper has been developed by arc298 from Github and is available free of charge with unlimited use. This is a python script that is very easy to configure and use. Whenever I use Python scripts, I always use Ubuntu … Read more

What Is The Best SEO Software?

By far the best all-round SEO software is WordPress installed locally on your computer. Now I know what you're probably thinking "WordPress, isn't that for websites?". We'll yes, but over the years it has evolved to become more of an online content manager with a multitude of plugins. So now we need to take a ... Read more

How To Install WordPress On My Computer

Sorry guys, this tutorial is not ready yet 🙁